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HLB Galanis & Co. continually seeks out professional, hard-working, licensed CPAs with at least three years of experience for employment opportunities. The firm demands, independence, integrity, objectivity, competence and due care from all of its personnel in the conduct of its engagements. Our Firm is structured to provide leadership in achieving high quality professional performance while maintaining the concept of individual responsibility. Policies and procedures have been established providing assurance that professional engagement are properly planned and executed. Decisions are based on the substance of issues, not on form.

Our policies and procedures designate Partners of the Firm for consultation on significant ethical, technical and industry questions. The policies and procedures are designed to assure that the clients receive the best professional services we can provide. We continually keep in mind the public interest. We expect our Partners and Seniors to identify and resolve all important engagement issues.

The job requires high level professional skills, superior research and problem solving abilities, broad software knowledge, and excellent written and oral communication skills. We have a team approach to provide high quality client service for compliance, planning, financial statements, and business consulting.

Persons interested in exploring employment opportunities should send their resumes to: info@hlbgalanis.com

Check this page from time to time for specific employment opportunities for Certified Public Accountants, small business accountants and administrative staff.

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